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Our quality language training programmes are for PROfessionals with a PERsonalised approach, hence the origin of the name PROPER. In English, the word PROPER also means “authentic / correctly”, which is exactly the learning experience we provide for our clients.

Located in Geneva, our training centres offer customised solutions for professionals and companies throughout the whole of Switzerland.

Striving for excellence

What is our added value?

Your results are our success, we exist due to word-of-mouth.

We define realistic objectives with a clear process.

We are solutions-oriented. We follow up on your requests within 1 business day.

We rely on our clients' results and satisfaction. Our priority is to invest in our team and learning support, you will not see us on the back of a bus.

Our team understands the needs of the professional world. Our trainers have knowledge or experience in areas such as human resources, customer relations, luxury goods, marketing, aviation or finance.

Our team is passionate about learning. All our trainers are highly qualified and have one or more internationally or Swiss recognised diplomas.

We practice what we preach. We have been personalising quality language learning programmes for all different types of needs and objectives since 2000.


Our method

Everyone learns differently. PROPER Languages is aware of the latest advances in language learning and adapts to the cognitive profile of each learner, offering a tailor-made, personalised approach.

Many foreign language learning methods rely on total immersion as the only solution. However, there are many ways to learn a language and depending on the learner’s profile, background and objective, a purely immersive method can be costly in terms of your training budget. It is important to focus on learning accuracy and fluency simultaneously for long-term results that are in line with your learning style.


The three stages of your training programme

Needs Analysis

We conduct a level test and an online or in person interview to establish your specific needs and your cognitive profile, in order to
define the course that suits you. This interview is followed by a training agreement signed by both parties. This document serves as a guideline for the programme and provides a framework for its development.


On the basis of the needs analysis carried out beforehand, we offer the most suitable training programme. It is possible to organise private sessions (in our premises, remotely or at the location of your choice). It is also possible to join one of the groups at our premises, or to organise group sessions at your company.

Evaluation and Reporting

We evaluate the progress of each learner on an ongoing basis and conduct regular quality control checks.
For in-company courses, a detailed report is provided periodically. This enables Human Resources and/or managers to continuously monitor the attendance and progress of their employees and thus monitor the return on their investment.


Our history

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  • Creation of PEP:
    Personalised English Progression

  • Opening of the offices
    in the heart of Geneva

  • Beginning partnerships with the State of Geneva (higher education)
    Expansion of the premises in Geneva

  • Beginning of partnerships with the Cantonal Social Security Office

  • eduQua accreditation
    Accreditation Chèque de Formation

  • The opening of new premises due to high demand in Veyrier

  • Beginning of the partnership with the Swiss foundation GFF who created for the creation of a school in Ethiopia and backing professional projects.

  • Extension of our services to Lausanne
    Specialised educational training conference for university professors in Ethiopia

  • Expansion of the premises in Veyrier
    Revamp of our identity: PEP English
    New tools put into place to provide high quality online learning

  • New partnership with a private university
    Extension of our services to all of Switzerland

  • Start of Active Learning hybrid courses
    Expansion of the range of courses with several language options

  • Opening of new premises in Meyrin
    Creation of Proper Languages
    Accreditation of Eduqua for Proper Languages

About us

Our team

Sharing over 20 years of PEP English expertise, PROPER Languages is made up of highly qualified professionals all with language learning passion and know-how.
Ruth Avison

Ruth Avison


Christos Ioannitis

Christos Ioannitis

Customer relationship and training advisor

Alice Stock

Alice Stock

Head of marketing and communications

David Chessex

David Chessex

Head of finance



Language coach

Our commitment

Quality and responsibility


Since 2012, following regular external audits, our quality management system has been consistently awarded the EduQua quality label with excellence. This allows us to continuously evaluate our training courses and to ensure that our content is in line with the objectives of our changing society and needs of each client.
A follow-up at the end of each training course or cycle allows us to integrate feedback and to continuously improve the quality of our services.


Our language instructors are based in the Lake Geneva area and all over Switzerland. Whether it is a face-to-face, online or blended course (Active Learning), our quality follow-up remains the same.
In order to ensure pedagogical continuity, our trainers draw up a detailed course overview and daily report, allowing us to maintain a high level of quality and continuation in case of any changes (such as illness or absence of the trainer).


The environment and sustainable development are clearly at the heart of our concerns. We promote, whenever possible, the use of local service providers when ordering course materials and have a strict policy of limiting paper printing. Invoices are sent electronically.

Our founder is a board member at a Swiss-run foundation that promotes education in developing countries called The Green Flower Foundation (GFF). We also regularly sponsor local initiatives or get involved in activities in the areas we have language learning centres.